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Sock Laundry Organizer


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Three functions of storage, drying and cleaning are integrated. What is the worst part of doing laundry? It's searching for matching socks. If you are sick of searching for matching socks, then look no further, the Sockdock is here. This is a very convenient washing artifact can clip on 10 pairs of socks at the same time, washing at the same time, convenient and quick. Machine wash not messy, air basks in more convenient, but also to avoid the possibility of socks was blown down. Real done washing in one. Can also be used on the chest, can hang clothes, at the same time can save a space flexible card buckle and lovely feet hook design, let the artifact not only beautiful but also very practical. Packaging specifications: 21 * 17 * 2.3 cm; product weight: 73g; rope length: 70 cm.