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Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set


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This Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set is an easy way to hang your plants up high on a porch or against your house and still allow you to easily lower and raise them for watering. The Easy Reach Plant Pulley Set makes it easy for you to raise and lower your plants from where it's installed with a simple cord pull, once done adjusting the height of your plant, simply give the pull cord one more tug and it will retract into the base of the plant pulley as to not be in the way. The plant pulley system is made using a durable and sturdy woven band that is made to not tangle or twist as a normal string or rope might do. Plus it can support up to 22 lbs of weight on the pulley system.Even 2-tiered baskets can be easily grown. Multi-function plant pulley- great for hanging ferns, plant pots, plant light, flower baskets and birdhouse and etc.Plant hanging holder- provides reliable support & befitting distance from plants with a tension mechanism. Adjustable- Up to 22 lbs (Maximum)weight load capacity, a great way to get more greenery without taking up space and convenient for you to take care of the plants. Made with high-quality material- Both the clips and lines are good quality and make hanging and adjusting grow light height a breeze. Made to not tangle or twist- The ratcheting mechanism works smoothly without getting jammed. Material: PP; Weight: 90g.package includes:1 * easy reach plant pulley set.